‘You will do much more than me as president… Thank you for making men, women dream’: French President Macron greets players in the locker room

In a one and a half minute speech in France’s dressing room, French President Emmanuel Macron praised the players for “making men and women dream”. In a gloomy setting, with the players slumped, and Coach Deschamps beside him, Micron gave a short speech.

“You have made millions of French men and women dream so far and they still tremble. You excited billions of people watching this game. You’ve done great football and great sport. The lessons you learn. There will undoubtedly be regrets after this match. I would like you not to be too sorry, please. Listen to me carefully. You guys are a really great team because I don’t think there’s another team that could have done what you’ve done so far, to come back twice and come so close to winning.”


He also looked ahead and told the players that the future will be brighter.

“It’s football, it’s sport, but you can’t help it. You had the heart, the hunger, the desire and the talent to go there. Just for that I wanted to come to you and thank you, he says to the players. You made the French women and men who needed it dream. So thank you. Thank you to those who might stop playing after this game. There are plenty who are very young and who will do much more, more than me as president.

“You will win more because you have a great experience on board. It will be difficult tonight, but tomorrow we will attack again. That’s how we earn them. Anyway, I’m proud of you. Long live the Republic and long live France.”

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A light round of applause filled the room and Macron turned to give Didier Deschamps a long hug.

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