Wilson Benesch set to wow Bristol Hi-Fi Show visitors with new ACT 3zero speakers

Wilson Benesch is gearing up to present the latest loudspeaker from his new Fibonacci series reference line at the Bristol Hi-Fi Show this week. The ACT 3zero floorstanders, like the company’s Omnium towers that arrived last year, are a result of the €7.4 million pan-European SSUCHY research project launched to explore the use of bio-based composites based on renewable energy sources. develop and promote resources. unlike oil based non-recyclable materials.

To that end, the body of the ACT 3zero – which stands just over a meter tall – uses sustainably sourced and bio-based composite materials in its construction, replacing the carbon fiber heavy structure of its ACT predecessor. Those familiar with the Yorkshire company’s designs will know that carbon fiber has played a huge part in its history – in fact, it produced the high-end audio industry’s first monocoque carbon fiber composite enclosure nearly 25 years ago. Wilson Benesch says these new, natural and sustainable materials replace almost all previously used materials from petrochemical sources.

Wilson Benesch ACT 3zero speakers

(Image credit: Wilson Benesch)

In addition to the new ACT 3zero’s cabinet being more environmentally friendly, Wilson Benesch says it’s also stiffer and better damped than the previous one. The SSUCHY initiative has allowed the British company to work with a huge amount of R&D and measurement resources, so you can be sure that the ACT 3zero is leading the way.

It may not surprise followers of Wilson Benesch to learn that the acclaimed, pedigree ‘Advanced Composite Technology’ loudspeaker design is now in its sixth generation, stretching back nearly 35 years to the company’s birth in 1989. This is the first generation which uses an isobaric drive system, consisting of two seven-inch Tactic 3.0 drivers and built into the three-piece base, which provides structural attachment points for 13mm steel straps that run the length of the speaker chassis and tie to the top.

Wilson Benesch ACT 3zero loudspeaker

(Image credit: Wilson Benesch)

Carried over from the three models sitting above the ACT 3zero in the flagship Fibonacci series, companion drivers include the 7-inch Tactic 3.0 low-bass unit, the new 1-inch Fibonacci Tweeter and a dedicated 7-inch Tactic 3.0 midrange cone that is directly amplifier coupled.

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