Why 2023 will likely be a year of better but smaller hi-fi and audio

So we seem to have come full circle. We wanted our audio systems and listening to music to be more convenient and flexible for our daily routines so we compressed our music to MP3 for easier listening, we went big with headphones and wireless speakers that can be easily accommodated with at home and beyond, and we even packaged our hi-fi into smaller, more homely packages and called it ‘lifestyle’. As a result, today’s audio systems and listening to music have never been more versatile. We truly live in a golden age of audio, and not just in regards to music: podcasts and interactive audio-guided content are booming in popularity.

And yet there is an ever louder murmur of people wanting some of the quality lost on that journey back. We – no, not everyone but a growing audience – want to hear music in better quality and enjoy that quality offered by better sounding devices. Of course, we don’t want to turn back time to when cumbersome, inflexible audio hardware was all we had. Of course not! We don’t want to sacrifice the convenience we’ve achieved so far. Not really! We want both in big, albeit equal measures – quality and ease. And I think we’re going to get our wish. Because lately there’s been evidence of a push to create better performance with smaller hi-fi and audio, and that’s bound to gain momentum next year.

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