What Hi-Fi?’s best movies and TV shows of 2022 to test your AV system

This year was a pivotal year for film and TV. We’re finally back in the groove after several delays and cinema closures due to Covid-19, with many delayed movies hitting the big screen this year. It’s been a pretty good year for TV shows too, with Disney+ picking up steam with many Marvel and Star Wars shows, the return of Game Of Thrones on Sky and HBO. DC even launched the first TV series in its movie universe.

However, some stood out above the rest for us, with these TV and movie picks representing the best of the best for 2022 in our opinion. There’s some great content here to test out your AV setup, and it helps that they’re awesomely fun watches too – so sit back, grab your popcorn and start binging, it’s what the holidays are all about after all…

Best TV Shows of 2022

Boundless with Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth in Boundless

(Image credit: Disney)

Rebecca Roberts, editor in chief

Disney+ has listed a number of must-sees from this year: The bear, Only kills in the building and Werewolf at night, to name just three. Horror fans can look forward to one of the most acclaimed horror movies of 2022, Barbarian, also arrives on the service on January 4. But for something more light-hearted to binge over the holidays (because that’s all we really need from TV watching over Christmas, isn’t it?), Boundless, starring Chris Hemsworth and created by Darren Aronofksy and Ari Handel, is a six-part version that I highly recommend. It sees the Thor actor on a mission to discover how we can live better for longer, with each episode a science-led exploration of a theme directly related to improving our longevity (fasting, for example). Not only is it downright interesting (and features a life-changing revelation for Hemsworth himself), but the physical challenges he takes on lend themselves perfectly to the solid 4K HDR presentation.

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