We look back at our July 2000 issue, when DVD was home cinema heaven

The July 2000 cover of Which Hi-Fi? specialized in DVD players – and referred specifically to the plummeting prices of what had been super-premium video and audio devices.

I ran into this problem almost immediately after I started doing research for this month Back problems column. And, as is often the case with such things – life’s quirky coincidences are a disturbingly familiar phenomenon – it follows up pretty neatly on last month’s column. That one, a 1996 magazine, anticipated the first players of this amazing new technology – one that would bring digital convenience and (much better) quality to the home theater world via the then-ubiquitous analog VHS videotape.

Which Hi-Fi?  July 2000 leader page

(Image credit: Which Hi-Fi?)

Four short years later, as you’ll see in then-editor Andy Clough’s lead for the July 2000 issue above, we were amazed how we could find such high quality home theater for remarkably (relatively) low prices.

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