Watch: Wayne Gretzky defeated Pele, Sugar Ray Leonard and Bjorn Borg in a 100 million race

An old video that has surfaced on social media shows Canadian ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky beating Pelé, Sugar Ray Leonard and Björn Borg in a 100-meter race.

Although the quartet of Gretzky, Pele, Leonard and Borg come from different sports, they all gave each other healthy competition in the race.

The viral video shows a hard-fought battle where they all gave their best with perseverance, determination, speed and stamina.

However, according to reports, Gretzky was quite younger than Pele when the video was shot (almost 30 years old).

After the race, Pele congratulated Gretzky with a heartwarming gesture.

In 2020, a one-of-a-kind trophy made for Brazilian World Cup soccer legend Pele and a jersey worn by Canadian ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky as a rookie in 1979 were among items celebrating 100 years of sports history in an auction titled ‘Century of Champions’.

The ‘Century of Champions’ auction features artifacts from the worlds of baseball, tennis, basketball, boxing and more, including rare collectible cards and clothing.

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