Watch: Polish goalkeeper Szczesny consoles his sobbing son after Poland’s loss to France

In one of the most emotional off-pitch moments of this FIFA World Cup, Polish goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny was seen comforting his son Liam after they were knocked out of the World Cup after a 3-1 defeat to France on Sunday.

After the full-time whistle, the goalkeeper’s son was in tears after seeing his father leave the tournament earlier than he expected.

Szczęsny spent nearly a minute hugging and comforting his Liam, probably apologizing for abandoning his first fan.

Szczęsny is the only goalkeeper this World Cup to save two penalties: one against Saudi Arabia and the second against Lionel Messi. Szczęsny himself admitted the latter because he brushed the face of the Argentine great with his glove when he reached out for a cross.

Szczesny’s told the story of how, during a lengthy video review, he bet on Messi that the penalty would not be awarded, which only added to his peculiar time in Qatar.

“I said I would bet him €100 that he [referee] wouldn’t give it,” Szczesny told TV2. “So I lost a bet against Messi.” The Dutch referee Danny Makkelie would award a penalty.

“I don’t know if that’s allowed in the World Cup – I’m probably going to get suspended for it! But I don’t care at the moment,” said Szczesny, who would save that penalty, ducking left and bumping the ball with his right-first raise.

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