UB+ dB1 Doublebass: the spherical Bluetooth speaker that lets you see your music

Music has the power to move and inspire, to influence both our emotions and our bodies. This has never been truer with Bluetooth speakers, as you can take and share your music with you wherever you go. But what if you could literally see the music pulsating out of your speaker? Wouldn’t that add an extra dimension to your listening pleasure? Now you can with the UB+ dB1 Doublebass.

It’s a high-end Bluetooth speaker with all the specs that come with it: Bluetooth 5.3, hi-fi sound, waterproofing and app control. But the visual element has to be seen to be believed…

Ace of bass


(Image credit: UB+)

The dB1 Doublebass features a pair of 5.2-inch passive radiators three times larger than the speaker driver. Fire it up and you’ll see these twin passive radiators pulsing as they play the music. These symmetrical oscillations are the result of increased pressure from the loudspeaker. Not only does it look cool, making the dB1 Doublebass a showpiece you’ll want to show off to your friends, it also results in deep, resounding bass that really adds to the music.

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