The “world’s first truly wireless TV” will launch at CES 2023 – no wires, no ports, no problem?

If you’re going to launch a crazy TV concept, CES is definitely the global stage to do it on. Screens will certainly be on display at CES 2023 in a few weeks, and a 55-inch 4K OLED TV from US startup company Displace appears to be one of them. And not just any 55-inch 4K OLED TV, you hear, but “the world’s first truly wireless TV”.

If you’ve already imagined the TV in your living room, without the plug and HDMI cables dangling from the back, think again: the Displace TV really is a very different beast than what currently occupies pride of place in our lounge . In the concept, one panel – or multiple panels that can create a screen up to 110 inches with a resolution of 16K – is attached to the wall in a home. Thanks to Displace’s patented active loop vacuum technology, these panels can be easily fixed to a wall with “a light push”, as opposed to the more traditional permanent wall mounting. In that sense, the TV is easy to transport, not least because the 55-inch unit weighs less than 9kg.

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