The Era 300 is everything I want from a Sonos speaker, but it’s just too expensive

My house is full of Sonos speakers. I got on Sonos early, way before the company even made speakers and have sold (quite revolutionary at the time) ZonePlayers instead, one of which was designed to add streaming to an existing hi-fi and the other a simply -add- speaker affair.

Since then my collection has grown exponentially. It’s not that I’m immune to the kit lures of various other brands: it’s more that over the years Sonos has continued to improve its technology, add support for every streaming service imaginable, and expand its range into new categories such as sound bars . Basically, I haven’t gone elsewhere, mostly because I’m not needed because Sonos has always offered more or less what I need when I need it.

(For the record, that’s not to say my house only has a Sonos kit – until recently I also used a Denon AVR and I also use an Arcam SA30 for ‘serious’ listening)

Sonos arc

The Sonos Arc on site (Image credit: Future)

Despite my recent flirtation with a pair of HomePod 2 speakers as an AV system, I’m a huge fan of the Sonos Arc soundbar. As a performance-per-pound proposition, it’s almost impossible to make mistakes. Big, bold, dynamic and reasonably detailed, it’s a super handy home theater that’s well executed.

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