The Cup did not go to England, but their adopted mascot Dave the Cat did

A few hours after the England football team left Doha, in the morning after their loss to France, a cat named Dave left their team hotel. It was taken to a local veterinary clinic, where blood tests and vaccinations will be organized, and he will spend four months in quarantine. And then Dave the cat will fly home to be with the England squad members, according to a report in Talk Sport.

Defenders John Stones and Kyle Walker, who shadowed Kylian Mbappé in the quarterfinals, were the two to take the catwalk first. Or maybe it was the other way around.

“The first day we got there [to the team hotel]”We have a table around the corner, the next minute Dave jumps out,” Stones had previously told reporters. “Then he sits there every night waiting for his food.”

The England team adopted Dave the cat as their unofficial mascot for the tournament and England’s official Instagram account regularly had cat lovers go wild with updates on the cat.

It was also announced by Walker that if England won the World Cup, they would take the cat with them.

“Hopefully I can keep my promise that he will come home with us if we win the World Cup. Dave is fine, thanks for asking… He had a shitty fit with another cat the other day. I think they fight over territory and food. But he’s fine,” Walker had said.

Although they lost in the quarter-finals, Walker and Stones decided they would take the cat home to England.

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