The Bluetooth SIG Hosts The Auracast™ Experience at MWC Barcelona 2023

Unmute silent TVs in the airport

Next, the event guests had the opportunity to experience how Auracast™ broadcast audio can unmute silent TVs in public areas. Venues such as sports bars, gymnasiums, transit centers, restaurants, waiting areas and more will soon add support for Auracast™ broadcast audio to their silent TVs, allowing attendees to unmute what was once silent and provide a more complete viewing experience.

For this demonstration, participants visited a sample sports bar in an airport terminal. As is usually the case, the bar had several TVs showing various games with the sound turned off so guests couldn’t hear what was happening on any of the TVs. Fortunately, this simulated bar has added support for Auracast™ broadcast audio to all of their TVs. Using the Auracast™ app on their smartphones, participants could choose which TV audio stream they wanted to join and hear the sound in their Auracast™ earbuds. Guests can switch seamlessly between TV audio streams at any time without delay.

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