The Bluetooth SIG Hosts The Auracast™ Experience at Computex Taipei

Sharing audio and hearing announcements in an airport terminal

Visitors to a simulated airport gate have experienced how Auracast™ broadcast audio allows you to share audio with your friends and family. Participants simultaneously watched a movie on a single laptop using their own Auracast™ earbuds. The person with the laptop used the Auracast™ app on their device to invite others around them to watch at the same time. Using the Auracast™ app on their smartphone, attendees scanned for nearby Auracast™ broadcasts, selected the laptop, entered a password, and the audio from the movie began broadcasting instantly to their Auracast™ earbuds.

Finally, event guests could use the Auracast™ app on their smartphones to search for and join Auracast™ broadcasts for their gate. The same announcements made through the gate speakers were then broadcast directly to their Auracast™ earbuds. As with auditoriums, venues such as airports can add support for Auracast™ broadcast audio to their existing sound system, allowing attendees to hear high-quality broadcast audio over their Bluetooth® earplugs or hearing aids.

During The Auracast™ Experience, tour guides used USB and USB-C dongles to show attendees how easily existing hardware (laptops, tablets, phones, etc.) can be converted into Auracast™ transmitters. With such dongles, consumers do not have to wait for new Auracast™ devices to become available to experience Auracast™ broadcast audio.

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