The Bluetooth SIG Demonstrates New Audio Use Cases Enabled by Auracast™ Broadcast Audio

What surprised you most about The Auracast™ Experience?

Havel: Auracast™ broadcast audio has the potential to deliver new, life-changing audio user experiences that can change the way we interact with each other and the world around us. Seeing the shared audio experiences first hand, unmuting silent TVs in public places and sharing audio took the Auracast™ concept from something of the future to now available. It has the potential to really improve the lives of so many people through audio broadcasting.

Midtun: Recreating realistic use-case scenarios gives a much better understanding of the benefits. Letting the audience experience the technology is so much better than explaining it and leaving much to the listener’s imagination. What I personally liked the most was the live audio experience. The audio latency was almost unnoticeable and the installation was very simple, making Auracast™ broadcast audio a solution that is easy to implement.

What feedback did you receive from media and analysts during the event?

Havel: Feedback on Auracast™ broadcast audio after the Mobile World Congress event was overwhelmingly positive; there was a lot of excitement about the experience and the capabilities of the technology, which has the potential to transform the wireless audio experience for many millions of consumers.

Midtun: Feedback from both the media and analysts was generally positive and it was a pleasure to respond to clarifying questions that showed that visitors had a good understanding of the technology and its potential. One comment I heard that I particularly liked was from a person who initially feared that broadcast audio meant their headset could be spammed by unwanted messages. Experiencing Auracast™ broadcast audio and being in control as a user removed his worries and turned him into a believer in the value of broadcast audio in public spaces.

What do you think people will be most excited about when they experience Auracast™ broadcast audio?

Havel: Once they experience Auracast™ broadcast audio, I think people will realize how much they will reap the benefits of the technology. Many people don’t realize how much they struggle with hearing loss in their daily lives or what they miss watching silent TV in public places. Once they know how easy it is to use Auracast™ broadcast audio, they will see it as something that can improve their lives in many different ways.

Midtun: Muting a large number of TVs is probably something most people will benefit from. For people who use hearing aids, I hope they get excited about new technology that improves audio accessibility and promotes a better life through better hearing.

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