Technics’ new wireless earbuds have Sony and Apple in their sights | What Hi-Fi?

Technics is back for the threepeat. Hot on the heels of the well received EAH-AZ60M2 and flagship EAH-AZ80 premium wireless earbuds, the latest entry in the trilogy is here in the form of the EAH-AZ40M2. A lighter, more wallet-friendly alternative to their EAH stablemates, the new buds still promise superior sound, improved ANC and that fantastic three-device Bluetooth Multipoint that so impressed us on the AZ60M2 and AZ80 models.

The EAH-AZ40M2 promises high-quality audio thanks to a 6mm driver that Panasonic says delivers “clear sound with a sense of range and depth”. The interior of the AZ40M2 is designed to optimize airflow for more natural sounding vocals, as well as smooth out highs and create a dynamic soundstage with less distortion. The new earbuds also tease high-resolution quality audio thanks to support for the LDAC Bluetooth codec.

Unlike the original EAH-AZ40, the Mark 2 model adds active noise cancellation for minimal distractions, and you can set your experience to natural environment mode or attention mode depending on your environment and preferences. The AZ60M2 and AZ80 both offered seven different tip sizes, but a choice of four for the AZ40M2 should ensure a relatively snug fit.

EAH-AZ40M2 rose gold

(Image credit: Technique)

The big news in terms of features is the return of three-way multipoint, allowing for instant pairing of up to three devices, meaning you can switch between the likes of a laptop, iPhone and Bluetooth speaker at the same time without having to constantly connect and fix every single connection. We’ve tried it out on the AZ80 and found it extremely impressive, so we hope it’s just as awesome when implemented in the AZ4OM2.

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