TAD DA1000TX review: an understated but wonderfully capable high-end DAC

It was 1975 and Pioneer was developing a new line of high-end loudspeakers designed specifically for professional use. The project was called TAD and the initials stood for Technical Audio Devices rather unimaginatively. TAD continued to develop as a sub-brand until it was separated from Pioneer and established as a standalone company in 2007.

Today, TAD has evolved into a respected high-end manufacturer of loudspeakers and electronics, and the new DA1000TX digital-to-analog converter is a fine example of what the company does. Like many of the TAD’s designs, it’s an understated product, built and engineered with obsessive care.

To build


(Image credit: TAD)

When we say understated, that doesn’t apply to the size of the thing. It’s easily larger than many of the premium power amps passing through our test rooms, weighing in at a whopping 16.5kg. Just make sure your hi-fi rack is strong enough to support it.

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