Sony XR-42A90K TV review: Sony’s first 42-inch OLED is a mini marvel

Buyers of “small” TVs have been starved for true flagship quality for too long. It wasn’t until 2020 that the first 48-inch OLED TV hit stores, and for some, 48-inch is still way too big for a TV. Are LCD TV manufacturers in control? Largely, no. Samsung is the only brand that has made a serious effort by first launching its flagship QLED at 43 inches last year.

Fortunately, that will all change in 2022. Samsung once again has a flagship-quality 43-inch QLED in its range, but more importantly, the first 42-inch OLEDs are now available. LG led the way with the 42-inch version of its new C2 model, but Sony is hot on its heels with this 42-inch A90K.


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