Sony is launching dedicated wireless earbuds for PS5 with one killer sound quality feature

Sony has the three podium positions on our list of the best wireless earbuds, so you can imagine our excitement when it unveiled a new pair at the PlayStation Showcase live event last night. Unsurprisingly, these buttons are aimed more at gamers, with Sony touting some impressive-sounding audio features it will bring to the PS5, although these new buttons can also connect to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth.

Simply called the PlayStation Earbuds, these new true wireless in-ears offer lossless, low-latency audio on the PS5 and PC. Sony says it’s achieved this through a “new wireless technology”, which, while vague, assures us that these earbuds will provide “excellent sound quality” when gaming.

PlayStation 5 earphones with case

(Image credit: Sony)

The earbuds and housing have a monochromatic, edgy design that is reminiscent of the PS5’s controversial design, as well as the existing PlayStation Pulse 3D Wireless Headset. While information about the PlayStation Earbuds is still sparse, we can make some assumptions based on existing hardware and trends. They will likely charge via USB-C and include built-in microphones for party chat via PlayStation Network.

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