Sonos’ Move 2 wireless speaker rumoured to be arriving in the summer of 2023 | What Hi-Fi?

There have been speculations that a Move of the second generation may have been on the way since Sonos announced its new Era range of wireless smart speakers, the Era 100 and the Era 300. We had sniffed out little hints of a possible Move 2 when the Era news first leaked, but struggled for concrete details, but thanks to news coming via The edgethe picture seems to be getting a little clearer about when and in what form we might see the new second-generation speaker.

We had initially predicted that now that the Era has officially launched, the Move 2 couldn’t be far behind, with summer touted as the logical time to release portable speakers when the weather is nice and people are out and about. This seems to confirm with The Verge’s insider assessment that the Move 2 is slated for release in the second half of 2023, sometime between late summer and early fall.

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