Sex, eggs, beer, 66 km bike rides, G-strings, tattoos – the spasmodic flow of Spanish coach Luis Enrique. Will he tattoo the World Cup if Spain win?

Formerly a bit frosty with the media, Luis Enrique, 52, the Spanish coach, has drastically changed his reputation with openly funny conversations on his daily Twitch stream of the World Cup in Qatar (every night at 8 p.m. Qatar time), apart from his daily shirtless selfies on Instagram.

Espn’s Sam Marsden and Alex Kirkland have translated the highlights of his talks so far, and it looks like former player Enrique is thoroughly enjoying himself with the Spanish fans.


Shouldn’t we get that out right away?

“It’s ridiculous [to ban it]. It’s something I think is completely normal. Of course if you have an orgy the night before a game then that’s not ideal, but if I’m a club coach the players are home the night before a game so it’s not something that worries me.
If it’s something they do, it’s because they have to and want to. But I repeat, common sense! Each with their partner. It’s normal. When I was a player, when I was home for a game, with my wife, we did what we had to do.”

He also joked with a fan that he wears a G-string (the question was if he was wearing boxers or trunks?). I’ve done all the flirting it took. I am lucky that my wife is here.”

Crazy bike rides

He’s known as a fitness freak – he’s done two Ironman triathlons and enjoys cycling. He has also found his way at Qatar.

“A cycle path departs from the university [where Spain are based],” he said. “It is the longest in the world, 33 kilometers [20.5 miles] in one direction and 33 kilometers back. The temperature is good, 24 degrees [Celsius, 75 degrees Fahrenheit]. It’s a smooth ride.”

Spanish omelette with or without onions?

In 2021, El Mundo conducted a nationwide poll and onions won. With tortilla de patatas, 73% of Spaniards voted for onions.

However, Enrique said “without onion, please!”. He even switched to English to say something about cheese. “I hate cheese.” And no surprise he doesn’t like pizzas either.

Roz khao Ande, the egg lover

“I can eat six or more eggs a day. They are by far one of the most nutritious foods, if you can make sure they are free range. I don’t know if they are [in Qatar]. I hope there are chickens grazing here, though there aren’t many in the desert. But that doesn’t mean I eat six every day. Today only five: two cooked and three fried. I also had some squid, sweet potato, some mushrooms and yogurt for dessert.”

Spain head coach Luis Enrique leaves the field with the players at the end of the World Cup Group E football match between Spain and Germany, at Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor, Qatar, Sunday, November 27, 2022. The match ended with a 1 -1 draw. (AP Photo/Matthias Schrader)

Beer ritual before competitions

“The day before a match, we drink a beer with my staff and toast. It’s a ritual. Honestly, it’s great for your energy.

A date with German coach Hansi Flick after the final

The pair have set a date for the day after the World Cup final.

“Hansi Flick and I have agreed to meet as if we were a couple. Half joking, half serious, we signed on December 18. Since we’re in the same group, it means we can’t meet until then. I hope it happens. Flick is a coach that I love very much. He won many trophies with Bayern, but otherwise he is warm and very respectful. Germany is capable of going in any direction.”

But if not Spain, would he want Germany or Argentina to win?

“If Spain doesn’t win the World Cup, I would like Argentina to win it,” said Enrique. “It would be unfair for a player of Leo Messi’s stature [to retire] without winning a World Cup. It will be his fifth [tournament], but to be honest I think he could play a sixth. Physically and with his ambition you can not rule it out.”

What is his opinion on Ferran Torres dating his daughter Sila?

He brought it up himself when a Twitcher asked him, “If [Sergio] Busquets was an extension of [Spain manager from 2008 to 2016] Vicente del Bosque on the field, who is yours?”

“That’s easy,” Enrique replied. ‘Mine is Ferran. If [I don’t say that] my daughter will cut off my head!”

So, will he tattoo that World Cup image if Spain win?

“I’m not going to tattoo that if we win the World Cup. I already have enough tattoos on my body and I don’t think I will get tattooed anymore. I’m running out of room, he told his followers as he watched the second half of the Argentina-Poland match.

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