Samsung’s 2023 QD-OLEDs will apparently offer deeper blacks

Samsung is expected to take its QD-OLED game to the next level in 2023, with a larger model reportedly launching within the next month. This is reported by the Korean news center ETNews (opens in new tab)Samsung will apparently debut its new lineup of QD-OLED models at CES 2023, with a larger screen size and deeper blacks. If or when they launch, the big question is whether it can dethrone LG in the battle for OLED supremacy.

We should expect deeper black levels across the board, which is always a big deal when it comes to OLED panels. These next-gen QD-OLED displays from Samsung will reportedly address the issue of light leakage from lit pixels to unlit pixels, which can sometimes cause blacks to look a bit gray on some OLED displays.

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