Samsung The Frame: The TV that’s a work of art

Most modern TVs look beautiful when they’re on, but when you turn them off you’re in for a problem: they go from some of the most visually stunning content ever created, to boring black rectangles that cling to your living room. What should a viewer do?

Samsung’s The Frame gets around this problem with an ingenious solution: when not watching, the TV can display classic works of art. It essentially becomes a blank canvas for whatever you want to decorate your lounge with, be it the Mona Lisa, a Cézanne, a Picasso, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers or something completely different. You might even forget it’s a TV at all.

A piece of art


(Image credit: Samsung)

The Art Mode is the most eye-catching feature of Samsung’s The Frame. It’s just unlike anything else on the market: the TV is nice and slim, sitting almost flush against the wall, just like a picture would. You can also easily change the TV’s color and style with customizable borders (sold separately), designed to look like the borders of a picture frame. Mount it on your wall, activate Art Mode and your guests will have a hard time distinguishing it from an ordinary piece of art hanging on the wall.

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