Pro-Ject X2 B / Phono Box S3 B review: balanced through and through

Aus Hi-Fi mag review

(Image credit: Future)

This review and test originally appeared in Australian Hi-Fi magazine, one of What Hi-Fi?’s sister titles from Down Under. Click here for more information about Australian Hi-Fi, including links to buy individual digital editions and details on how best to subscribe.

Although there is much debate over the origin of the phrase “last laugh”, it is a fact that the earliest recorded version of the various expressions that use it is found in the 1607 play ‘The Christmas Prince’ where one of the characters has the line, “He laugheth best that laugheth to the end”.

A modern-day character who is certainly laughing very loudly is Heinz Lichtenegger. When he first started building Pro-Ject turntables in 1991, at a time when CDs and their players were in ascendency, he was told by all and sundry that his new project was madness because vinyl was dead. Lichtenegger disagreed, believing that turntables would make a comeback if they were built correctly.

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