Praying for your recovery: Virat Kohli’s message to Rishabh Pant after an accident

Former India captain Virat Kohli sent a message to Rishabh Pant on Friday after the wicketkeeper batsman was injured in an accident in the early hours.

β€œGet well soon @RishabhPant17. Praying for your recovery,” Kohli wrote on Twitter. The two last played together in the recently concluded Test series against Bangladesh.

According to a BCCI statement, Pant had two cuts on his forehead and a torn ligament in his right knee. He also hurt his right wrist, ankle and toe and suffered abrasions to his back, the statement said.

Rishabh’s condition remains stable and he has now been transferred to Max Hospital, Dehradun where he will undergo MRI scans to determine the extent of his injuries and formulate his further course of treatment.

Pant, who was hospitalized on Friday after being involved in a car accident near Roorkee, Uttarakhand early Friday morning, was seriously injured in the accident. He was admitted to Saksham Hospital Multispecialty and Trauma Center where he was treated for impact injuries. Then he was transferred to Max Hospital, Dehradun.

Earlier, speaking to the media, Medical Superintendent of Max Hospital, Dehradun, Dr Ashish Yagnik said that they have not found any serious injuries on the cricketer at first glance and that he is stable. β€œHe is being evaluated and a team of doctors is taking care of him. Only after a few tests can we tell more. As of now, he is stable and there is not much to worry about,” said Yagnik.

β€œA team of doctors are talking to him and based on what he tells us about the injuries, he is being evaluated. At first glance, we found no serious injuries. Orthopedic and plastic surgeons are on hand,” Yagnik said further, adding that the hospital will soon issue a health bulletin.

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