Philips OLED937 review: one of the most spectacular TVs ever made

The 65OLED937 is arguably the purest example yet of Philips’ current TV philosophy. For starters, as its name suggests, it’s an OLED TV – the screen technology that’s been at the forefront of the Philips brand’s renaissance in recent years. It also provides a glorious showcase for Philips’ unique Ambilight design technology, and its pictures are driven by the latest version of a typically ultra-powerful trademark picture processing engine.

Also, it doesn’t just feature another sound system designed by Brit hi-fi powerhouse Bowers & Wilkins; it features a full multi-channel speaker system so large and powerful that it has to be housed in an external enclosure that also doubles as the TV’s desktop stand. Designed by Brit hi-fi powerhouse Bowers & Wilkins.


4K OLED TV: Philips 65OLED937

(Image credit: Philips)

Getting a 65-inch TV packing as many features and as much cutting-edge performance as the 65OLED937 for £2899 (around $3575 / AU$5075) looks at first glance like merely a solid rather than spectacular deal. Its most obvious rivals these days, after all, are the LG OLED65G2 and Panasonic TX-65LZ2000 (the latter of which also features an advanced built-in multi-channel audio system), which cost just £2299 / $2000 / AU$3498 and £2499 (around $3080 / AU$4375) respectively. 

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