Philips Fidelio FB1 Dolby Atmos soundbar review

Beethoven, grumpy perfectionist as he was, only got around to writing that one opera about a woman who disguises herself as a male guard named Fidelio to save her husband, a political prisoner, from death – so that people in operas tend to do.

But AV enthusiasts may know Fidelio better as Philips’ range of premium headphones and speakers, including its latest home theater offering, the Fidelio FB1 Dolby Atmos Soundbar, which, like Beethoven’s titular character, is deceptively crafty with an awful lot lurking beneath its apparently simple exterior that you would not expect at first glance.


Sound bar: Philips Fidelio FB 1

(Image credit: Future)

With a launch price of £799 / $800 / AU$1316, the Fidelio FB1 undercuts its closest rival, the Sonos Arc, which normally costs £899 / $899 / AU$1499. Like the Arc, it can be expanded by adding a sub and surrounds. In the case of Fidelio, these options include up to two Fidelio FW1 wireless subwoofers for £549 each (about $633 / AU$989) and the bookshelf-sized Fidelio FS1 wireless speakers with upward-firing drivers, each priced at £329 ( about $380 / AU$593).

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