Panasonic MZ2000 vs LZ2000: can Panasonic top its five-star 2022 flagship?

It feels like we reviewed Panasonic’s LZ2000 flagship 2022 OLED TV just last week, and that’s probably because it was. However, at CES 2023, Panasonic unveiled its 2023 flagship OLED – the MZ2000, which will serve as the company’s top-of-the-line OLED in 2023 and replace the LZ2000.

While the MZ2000 has yet to be released into the mainstream market, we did manage to spend some quality time with the new OLED TV during its unveiling at CES, meaning we can start comparing it to its predecessor. We also have the LZ2000 fresh in our minds after our recent review, in which we awarded it five stars for its excellent picture and sound performance – so can Panasonic up its game again?

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