Panasonic MZ2000 OLED TV hands-on review: brighter than ever before

Just hours after we published our five-star review of Panasonic’s 2022 flagship OLED TV, calling the LZ2000 “as cinematic as it gets”, we found ourselves in front of its 2023 successor – the MZ2000.

The only TV Panasonic unveiled at CES 2023 (it tends to announce its full lineup in the spring), the MZ2000 represents the pinnacle of Panasonic TV for 2023 and builds on last year’s LZ2000 with a new OLED panel that benefits from Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology (more on that later) and a new thermal management system, a revised Dolby Atmos speaker system with new sound modes and processing upgrades aimed at gaming.

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