One of the world’s most highly engineered turntables joins Absolute Sounds’ Ten collection

One of the world’s most advanced turntables comes to the UK, courtesy of Absolute Sounds. The high-end hi-fi distributor has made the latest Döhmann Audio Helix turntable the sixth member of its esteemed Ten collection.

Launched in 2020, the Ten series is a collection of high-quality creations from around the world, hand-picked by Absolute Sounds founder and MD, Ricardo Franassovici. The first entry was a pair of speakers from Brooklyn-based DeVore Fidelity, which has since been followed by amplifiers from Robert Koda (Japan) and Trafomatic Audio (Serbia), phono stages from HSE (Switzerland), and reel-to-reel tape machines from Metaxis & Sins (Netherlands). In the third year of the concept, there is now a Döhmann Audio turntable from Down Under.

Our Australian publication recently spoke to Mark Döhmann himself about his new Helix design, which can be considered one of the most accurate audio playback devices available today and has recently been adopted by Stanford University as an audio reference to record vintage recordings from the Smithsonian archive. Quite advertising to say the least.

Dohmann Audio Helix One Mk3

(Image credit: Dohmann Audio)

There are actually two Helix turntables – the aptly named One and Two, both of which are now in their third generation. The original Helix One followed the original model in 2015, which itself followed the release of the Döhmann Continuum Caliburn turntable a decade earlier. The Continuum Caliburn was another legendary deck – a six-figure one, no less – and the Obsidian model it replaced is still in Absolute Sounds’ catalog. The Helix Two is the more affordable and smaller ‘domestic’ model and has one armrest compared to the flagship One’s two.

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