North Hollywood attack: LAPD says woman was stabbed in head with scissors by stranger

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — A woman had a near-death experience when she was stabbed in the head with scissors earlier this week by a stranger in North Hollywood.

Los Angeles police say the man’s scissors were lodged in the victim’s skull and narrowly missed her brain.

The stabbing was one of two attacks that the man allegedly committed that day. Suspect Jonathan Lewis Cole, 30, was arrested after police said he threw a pickle jar at another woman just blocks from the scene of the stabbing.

LAPD says the two attacks took place on Lankershim Boulevard on Monday, with the stabbing taking place in Block 5700.

The stabbing victim and the attacker were walking down the street when the suspect jumped at her and pushed a pair of scissors into her head, the LAPD said. Surveillance video captured the encounter.

LAPD Lieutenant Commander. Bob Toledo told Eyewitness News that the victim stumbled into a restaurant, where she got help from people inside.

The victim, identified as a woman in her 20s, was hospitalized with a skull fracture. She is now in stable condition.

LAPD added that she did not know Cole.

After the stabbing, Cole headed north on Lankershim and assaulted a woman at a bus stop near a Superior Grocers store. He reportedly took a pickle jar from his bag and threw it at her. The jar broke and hit the woman’s shoulder, but she was not seriously injured.

The woman’s boyfriend went after the suspect.

Cole was then held by supermarket security until the LAPD arrived and arrested him. The department says they have a video linking Cole to both attacks.

Police also say Cole is homeless and appears to be suffering from mental illness.

He was arrested for attempted murder and is being held on over $3 million bail.

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