New filing suggests Sonos is adding WiFi 6 support to its next wireless speakers

The rumors about Sonos’ Optimo speakers are still a bit of a mystery, with no official details or confirmation from the audio brand itself – but that hasn’t stopped speculation via leaks, patents and trademark filings. We touched on Optimo earlier this year, but haven’t heard much since… until now. The latest from these speculative speakers is that they will apparently include Wi-Fi 6, a first for Sonos.

According to Zatz not funny (opens in new tab) (through The edge (opens in new tab)), a new FCC filing takes a fresh look at the rumored Sonos devices. The S39, a purported successor to the Sonos One, and the S41, a possible follow-up to the Sonos Five, will reportedly offer more connectivity than any other Sonos speaker that came before them. This includes Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth LE and even a wired line-in connection via USB-C, another rarity on Sonos speakers.

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