Metallica have sold so much vinyl that they’ve bought their own factory

American metal band Metallica has acquired a majority stake in Furnace Records, a Virginia-based vinyl pressing company that has been pressing records for the band for over a decade.

The iconic rockers behind it Sandman in And Puppeteer (which recently reached new audiences after being played on Netflix Stranger things) have had a stellar few years when it comes to record sales, with the band reportedly pressing over 900,000 individual vinyl pieces by 2022. According to Luminate (via Billboard (opens in new tab)) the quartet sold 387,000 albums in 2022, placing them at number six among the best-selling artists in the United States. They had sold 337,000 the previous year; puts them at number seven on the 2021 list. Considering they haven’t released a new album since 2016, those are pretty impressive numbers.

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