Magico reinvents premium S3 floorstanders with flagship speaker technology costing millions

California hi-fi company Magico – maker of some of the world’s most expensive loudspeakers – has redesigned its much-loved S3 Mk II loudspeaker. The new-and-improved S3 features some of the tech wizardry found on the company’s flagship M9 speakers (£1m, about $1.2m / AU$1.9m).

This includes a newly designed housing made of four separate aluminum panels that are up to 2 inches thick. Each panel is inspected using Magico’s ultra-precise “3D laser interferometry system”, which allows the company to perfectly tune the internal damping. As a result, the new S3 case is apparently “30% quieter than its predecessor”.

Magico relied on the state-of-the-art M9 floorstanders to enhance the S3’s drivers too, and both models now feature diamond-coated 28mm beryllium diaphragms. Magico has also paired the S3’s tweeter with a new “acoustically enhanced backroom” that promises to declare war on distortion.


A cut-out of the S3 MkII case with aluminum honeycomb core. (Image credit: Magico)

The 5-inch pure midrange driver cone is formed from a honeycomb-shaped aluminum core with layers of graphene and carbon fiber in between, while the 9-inch bass driver features the latest generation Magico Graphene Nano-Tec cone.

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