Lionel’s messi’s room at Qatar University is being turned into a museum

Lionel Messi will have a special miniature museum in Qatar as the room he stayed in will be turned into a museum, Qatar University said Tuesday, according to El Graphico.

The University of Qatar published a series of photos of the rooms where the Argentina national team stayed and announced in the latest post that room B201 used by the Argentina captain will become a museum.

The University of Qatar has been the refuge for the Argentina squad throughout their stay in Doha and it has not yet been announced whether the museum will operate from the same complex or move to a different location on campus.

According to a Daily Mail report, the Messi-led squad decided to stay on the sprawling university campus rather than 5-star luxury hotels so they can continue their tradition of hosting beef barbecues. Precisely for this reason, beef from Argentina was flown over to Qatar. There was also a chef to make sure it was cooked as it would be in Argentina.

On December 18, Messi ended his long wait for the World Cup title in one of the most memorable finals in history.

Messi was at his most inspiring, scoring two goals to take his tally for the tournament to seven and giving his country their third World Cup win as Argentina beat France 4–2 on penalties after a 3–3 draw in extra time .

But Kylian Mbappé forced him to work hard for the trophy he has craved for so long by scoring a hat-trick, including two goals 97 seconds late in regulation to draw France from 2-0 down.

The French striker tied the score again after Messi put Argentina back on top in extra time.

In the end, it was Messi’s World Cup to raise.

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