Linn Selekt DSM: Edition Hub review: terrific, modular high-end streamer

What is Linn’s Selekt DSM? The glib answer is that it is a network music streamer, but look closer and you’ll find far more sophistication and versatility than that suggests.

Linn loves to use the word ecosystem when talking about the Selekt DSM, and as pompous as that sounds, it’s a pretty apt description. This is a modular design that can be specified to the performance and features the buyer wishes. Of course, this is also a high-end product, so it costs accordingly.


Network streamer: Linn Selekt DSM: Edition Hub

(Image credit: Linn)

There are two basic variants of the Selekt DSM: the Edition Hub (£9950 / $12,940 / AU$18,995) that we have on test here, and the original, which was introduced in 2018, but is now renamed the Classic Hub (£4900 / $6370 / AU$8995). We reviewed and liked a heavily-optioned version of the original back in early 2019.

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