LG OLED G3 vs Sony A95L: will MLA or QD-OLED come out on top?

2022 was nothing short of a revolutionary year for OLED TVs. LG’s G2 OLED TV reached new heights when it comes to brightness, surprising us with its overall pixel-perfect performance, as we dubbed it the company’s “best OLED yet”. It wasn’t without its flaws though, as it was certainly pricey, and it still didn’t quite reach the brightness levels of high-end LCD models.

In the Sony camp we saw the A95K make its debut, with its gloriously authentic picture and impressive sound (by TV speaker standards). We immediately noticed it thanks to the new OLED technology called QD-OLED. This Samsung-derived screen technology incorporates a Quantum Dot layer into the traditional OLED construction, boosting color vibrancy and brightness above the standards of traditional OLED TVs.

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