LG M3 OLED TV hands-on review: wireless 4K/120Hz becomes a reality

Rollable TVs, transparent TVs, extraordinarily slim TVs, OLED TV tunnels… you can always count on LG to bless the annual CES show with a crazy or innovative (sometimes both) TV. So where is the company raising people’s eyebrows this week at CES 2023? Well, a wireless TV.

The M3 (or ‘Signature OLED M’, to use its full name) is not the nothing but ‘wireless TV’ at CES 2023, with US startup Displace showing off its portable, battery-powered 55-inch 4K OLED TV here. But the LG M3 isn’t ‘wireless’ in the sense that it’s battery-powered or even portable; it actually requires a mains plug. But it takes into account the wireless concept by receiving all content wirelessly from an associated wireless transmitter box. And guess what, the M3 isn’t just some prototype we may never see again – it’s a real, fully realized TV that will be in the homes of the lucky people who want and can afford it by the second half of this year .

At CES we were lucky enough to get a demonstration of the 97-inch LG M3 OLED TV (it will also be available in 77-inch and 83-inch sizes), and while it could be several years before such a television becomes a viable option for most of us, the convenience the design offers will no doubt be desired for years to come.


(Image credit: Future)

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