LG G3 OLED vs Samsung S95C QD-OLED: which will be the best 2023 TV?

2022 was a real shot in the arm for OLED TVs. LG Display produced its brightest-ever OLED panel, resulting in the first 1000+ nit models, such as the LG G2. Meanwhile, the first QD-OLED TVs also appeared and used Quantum Dot technology to hit similar peak brightness figures.

That pales in comparison to the figures being touted for the new 2023 models. On the ‘traditional’ OLED side there’s new Micro Lens Array technology, and on the QD-OLED side are second-generation panels that are said to be vastly more efficient – and therefore capable of going significantly brighter – than those that have gone before. The upshot is new models on both sides that are expected to be able to hit 2000 nits or more.

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