Josh Hazelwood and Trent Boult react to Michael Neser’s controversial capture

Pacers Josh Hazelwood and Trent Boult have reacted to the controversial capture of Brisbane Heat’s Michael Neser against Sydney Sixers.

Neser took the catch at the boundary line to eject Sydney Sixer’s Jordan Silk, turning the game around at Brisbane’s Gabba.

Speaking to FOX Sports, Hazelwood said, “I didn’t like it all”.

“I think it should be back to the old rule where you have to be in the field of play and that’s your last step before throwing it back in. It was something different and ‘Ness’ is quite aware of the rules. It worked for them last night. He added.

Hazelwood said of the rule’s awareness: “Players are definitely aware of the rule. I’m not sure when [the rule] changed, but it was a few years ago.”

In addition, Melbourne Stars player Trent Boult gave his opinion: “I didn’t know that was the rule,” Boult said.

“I think maybe it needs to be addressed; I’ve seen a few comments saying ‘what’s the point of a boundary line?’ and ‘can you keep hopping around the playing field?’ Bolt added.

Referring to the catch he made before Boult said “I have to be careful because I may have taken one like this once…”

“I think it’s a tough one, but to make it clear, I think you have to touch the playing field again when you get back over the rope.” Bolt added.

ICC shared an explanation where they stated: “It is important to note that as long as the fielder first touches the ball within the boundary line, they are allowed to complete the catch as they please, provided their feet are not on the ground. with the ball over the border. Neser’s first contact with the ball, the timing of his jump and the final catch all fell within the rules, the batter was properly called out.”

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