It’s official, the first “high-resolution” wireless headphones are coming

MQA, PSB Speakers and start-up company Sonical have teamed up to produce a “high-resolution audio headset” that combines hi-res wireless transmission with a computer-in-your-ear control platform. Indeed, these headphones – which will go on sale under the PSB brand name early next year – sound ‘next-gen’ in more ways than one.

The high-quality wireless connection is thanks to MQA’s latest technology, SCL6, a codec designed to enable true High-Resolution Audio streaming for the first time in such products. We’ve got an SCL6 explainer and hands-on review for those who want to dive deeper into the new technology, but in a nutshell it has the potential to have a hugely positive impact on the quality of wireless audio in headphones and other portable devices.

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