If resurrecting classic hi-fi is in, we want these 8 products brought back to life

Classic hi-fi is in. Okay, so it’s not in in such as cycling shorts, Tik-Tok and The last of us, but the hi-fi realm is undoubtedly going through a movement with many manufacturers reinventing classic loudspeakers and electronics for new releases. JBL, Wharfedale, Mission, NAD and Fyne Audio, to name just a handful of brands, have all launched modern-retro kit in recent months. As our global technical editor was able to point out, it was all over the place at the High End Munich Show last year.

Some examples above have proven that it can be done exceptionally well to combine today’s technologies with the aesthetics of yesteryear. And it got us thinking about which vintage cars we’d like to see reinvented to take on the 21st century. Alas, we have come together to make a list!

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