I wish my Spotify Wrapped had this Apple Music Replay feature

It’s that time of year again when Spotify users gather under their favorite green app and unwrap data-driven gifts, courtesy of the Wrapped review at the end of the year. I’ve been a Spotify Premium user for several years, but just did the same thing, forcing a smile when the “musical personality” feature called me a “Replayer.”

But this year, I’ve been watching Apple Music users with a little more envy than usual. Not because its equivalent feature, Apple Music Replay, is a huge improvement over Wrapped — in fact, it seems like something of a blatant rip-off when you compare the animations it uses to recap its users’ listening habits over the past year.

A phone and laptop with the Apple Music Replay feature

(Image credit: Apple)

However, Apple Music Replay offers something I’d like to see in Spotify Wrapped – it actually gives you access to your listening data (if not the animations) throughout the year, rather than just at the end of November.

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