I replaced a Sonos Arc with two HomePod 2s – and I might not go back

I recently moved and promised my long-suffering wife that this time I wouldn’t fill the living room with speakers. The lounge in our last spot was home to eleven speakers and a subwoofer, and while the whole family appreciated the sound the system produced, it’s been decided we’ll be a little more subtle this time (the deal is that I’m on a one day the garage can turn into a home theater, but that’s a story for a future blog).

For that reason, we’ve been living with the Sonos Arc for the past few weeks, a truly excellent Dolby Atmos soundbar that I’ve had the pleasure of using in various comparison tests over the years. It is also really a pleasure to live with. Wide but low, it’s a fairly discreet partner for a large OLED TV (especially compared to a dedicated 7.1.4 system), and its ability to fill a room is very impressive for a single-unit system.

Apple HomePod 2 stereo pair with LG G2

(Image credit: Future)

The Arc packs a punch for what is a very compact speaker system overall – its ability to spread sound quite far to the sides and above the TV, while still delivering dialogue with focus and clarity makes it a pleasure to and really well suited for a whole range of content.

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