I love Tidal’s high-quality audio, but I’m still going back to Spotify

In my little over a year of experience at Which Hi-Fi? I learned a lot of things and started to appreciate video and audio in a whole new way. One of the first things I was introduced to in April last year was Tidal; a streaming service I’d certainly heard of before, but not one I’d ever tried to use. Up to that point I was an avid Spotify user, having the occasional fling with Apple Music when offered a deal, and trying out Dolby Atmos when it first launched on the platform. However, I kept crawling back to Spotify, and I’m afraid it’s that time again…

I’ve been using Tidal for a little less than a year now and have come to terms with many of its quirks. Giving Tidal the credit it deserves, it certainly gives the impression that it cares specifically about music as it doesn’t mix in podcasts, news channels and more within its UI. It’s also worth mentioning there now that Tidal is by far the best sounding streaming service I’ve used, and I’ll continue to use it when testing products – especially thanks to the Masters and Atmos mixes. I even tried a quick side-by-side test where Spotify played The 1975’s song Luck from their latest album, and could immediately deduce that Tidal sounded more detailed and energetic.

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