I heard the 21-channel Nakamichi Dragon soundbar unleashed – and it really is quite something

“Has any hi-fi piece ever sounded as mythical or mystical as the Nakamichi dragon?” we wrote a few years ago while musing on the most legendary hi-fi products of all time. The Dragon cassette deck was indeed one of our 14 picks, due to the enduring prestige surrounding the exquisite high-end deck, born in 1982 after a decade of innovative and premium cassette deck design by the company.

The Dragon name was carried over to a computer turntable in 1985 and a CD player in 1996, but for the past two and a half decades it has been more or less dormant, pure legend. That is – and you know what is coming – so far. At CES 2023, Nakamichi declared the dragon reborn. The company launched a… no, not a new Dragon cassette deck (although it did hand me press material on a USB stick in a charming cassette in honor of the heritage), but a Dragon soundbar. Such a lifestyle and AV-oriented product type might not naturally equate to former Dragons, although the choice to revive the line with a soundbar isn’t entirely surprising given that the Japanese company has made it big in that market of late .

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