Huawei reveals new flagship Freebuds 5 earbuds with an all-new curvaceous rebrand

Chinese manufacturer Huawei has unveiled the latest version of its flagship FreeBuds wireless earbuds, the eye-catching FreeBuds 5. The latest model features high-resolution end-to-end sound, extended battery life, smart audio connectivity and a curved, teardrop shape designed for those “who crave effortlessly comfortable earplugs.”

Since it’s one of the most eye-catching and original we’ve seen in a while, let’s start with that fluid, slightly amorphous shape. Huawei claims the redesign goes far beyond mere aesthetics, claiming that the “futuristic teardrop design” is the result of “tens of thousands of ergonomic simulations and hundreds of optimizations” made to ensure that the curves and lines of the earbuds match the natural contour of the human ear.

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