HomePod 2 is just the beginning as Apple reportedly readies ‘slate’ of smart home devices

While the just-announced HomePod 2 may not be Apple’s most exciting launch, it seems much more evolution than revolution, but the company reportedly has even more exciting smart devices in the pipeline. Apple is working on a “slate” of new smart home devices, according to a new one Bloomberg report (opens in new tab).

People familiar with the plans suggest that the first fruit of this work will be a “low-end iPad” designed to control HomeKit smart products like thermostats and lights, stream video, and facilitate FaceTime chats. Essentially an Apple version of the Amazon Echo Show (pictured) and Google Nest Hub. The report continues to say that this smart display will have magnetic mounts that will allow users to attach it to a wall, positioning it more as a static device for the home than a portable companion.

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