Hands on: JBL SA550 review

JBL was pretty busy at CES 2023. Not content with the launch of new wireless headphones, a Dolby Atmos soundbar, its first Bluetooth turntable and a premium all-in-one speaker system, it also managed to launch a brand new line of Classic Series hi-fi electronics to squeeze in.

The new Classic Series consists of the SA550 Integrated Amplifier (£1599 / $2000 / €1899), CD350 CD Player (£799 / $700 / €899), MP350 Hi-Res Music Streamer (£875 / $800 / € 999) and JBL’s very first turntable, the TT350 (£925 / $1000 / €1049). And we managed to spend some time in the company of the SA550 in a demo room in JBL’s massive exhibit space at Virgin Hotels Las Vegas.



(Image credit: Future)

If the look of the SA550 looks a little familiar, it’s because the amp (and the rest of the Classic range) is styled to match the limited edition SA750 launched in 2021 to celebrate JBL’s 75th anniversary to celebrate.

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