Fyne Audio F502SP review: big floorstanders that like to have fun.

It’s surprising how much difference a few letters make. In this case, we refer to the SP pasted on the name of the F502 floorstander. They stand for Special Production, which is Fyne Audio’s way of saying these speakers have been upgraded from the base product. We’re not talking small tweaks either, as the price difference between the standard F502 floorstanders (£2499 / $3750 / AU$549) and our review pair of the Fyne Audio F502SP shows.

Essentially, the engineers at Fyne Audio have taken the standard model and upgraded pretty much everything while keeping the same basic design and dimensions. Think of it as hot-rodding taken to the extreme. All SP models are hand built in the UK, which also accounts for some of the price difference.

To build

Floor standing loudspeakers: Fyne Audio F502SP

(Image credit: Fyne Audio)

The standard drive units F502 drivers are replaced with new designs derived from those used in the company’s high-end F700 range. Consider that the equivalent floorstander in the F700 range, the F702, costs about double the F502SP and you’ll understand why sharing similar drive units is so important for the cheaper product.

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