Elipson’s Horus range of compact, affordable speakers is coming to the UK

French audio company Elipson brings its latest Horus line of loudspeakers to the UK market. The new, updated range consists of a pair of bookshelves and a pair of floorstanding speakers, accompanied by a center channel and subwoofer that the French brand hopes will provide listeners with “accurate and musical sound reproduction in a modern design”. More attractively, they’re priced at the affordable end of the market, from just £299.

The starting point of the range is the Horus 6B bookshelf speakers, a compact and stylish pair that Elipson hopes will offer space-saving flexibility and “an amazing level of performance for its size and price”. Elipson also claims the 6B can work as a music-only stereo solution for smaller rooms or as part of a multi-channel setup for movies and music. The 25mm silk dome tweeter is accompanied by a 13cm driver made from cellulose pulp with a fiberglass coating.

The 6B comes with the Horus 11F, a 2.5-way floorstander with two 13cm mid/bass drivers and a 25mm tweeter. The 11F features front-firing bass ports that, according to Elipson, allow the speakers to be placed and integrated into the home with the least amount of disturbance.

Elipson Horus Home setup with TV

(Image credit: Elipson)

Built specifically for the Horus range, the Horus 10C, a matching center channel with a two-way design using the same drive units, is manufactured to integrate into a multi-channel music and/or movie playback system.

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